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ULTRA Events is a creative technical solutions supplier operating out of Cape Town, South Africa.


ULTRA Events started life as Ultra Sound in the early 90’s, supplying sound solutions to the events market. Due to demand, ULTRA Sound expanded operations into lighting, staging, video & structures and thus ULTRA EVENTS was established to supply valuable and reliable creative technical solutions to the events, advertising, film, theatre and television industries.


Ultra consists of a group of men and women, brought together from various cultures, religions and races. Some started in the entertainment industry; others were drawn in from other industries. Together through education and understanding, we are committed to ensuring a personal approach to the client's event needs. Treating our clients and ourselves with respect, pride and professionalism is the creed by which we live and operate.


To partner our clients in realizing the event-vision, by integrating internationally accepted equipment and processes with well trained staff and a committed attitude.


Fashion shows, product launches, promotional tours, business presentations, live events, worship functions, in-store promotions, out-door concerts, community events, sports gatherings, theatre productions, movie shoots, exhibitions, gala dinners, photographic shoots, DJ dance-events, government functions, television shows.


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Technical co-ordination

Consult • Design • Implement • Support.


Every event is born out of a great idea and the client’s vision. ULTRA has years of experience assisting clients to create long lasting memories from the original brief to draft show proposal to final show execution, all precisely aimed at realising the final product.


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Stage, Set & Structures

The centrepiece of most events is the stage, set or structure and the starting point for the lighting, sound and visuals to enthral the audience and put the presenter or performer at ease to perform their best. ULTRA has a variety of innovative solutions from an intimate raised platform to a custom stage & set for corporate presentations to large concert stage with roof & towers

Indoor Stage • Theatre Set • Outdoor Stage • Fashion Ramps • Trussing Roof System • Aluminium Stage • Decor • Steel Stage • Trussing towers • Scaffold structures • Ground supports • Aluminium structures • Flying towers • Steel structures • Scaffold towers

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Excellent audio is a critical part of the audience's sensory event experience and take-home memory of the event. ULTRA has a diverse selection of sound gear and PA systems to personalize the sound solution for your event. From speakers on stands for a few guests to a medium sound system for a corporate gathering .to a massive sound solution for 1000’s of fans.

Live Sound • Monitor System • Corporate Sound • Band Gear • Indoor Sound • Dj Gear • Outdoor Sound • Backline Equipment • Point Source Speaker System • Microphones • Variable Curvature Line Array • Mixers • Constant Curvature Line Array

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Through the creative use of light, colour and shadow, an additional dimension can be added to the event experience. Lighting can transform a space and have a memorable and dramatic effect on the tone and impact of the performance or presentation. ULTRA has a creative solution from an intimate light show to corporate presentation light show to a large visual spectacle.

Show lighting • Concert lighting • Architectural lighting • Ambient lighting • Mood lighting Laser lighting • Dj lighting • Intelligent lighting • Dance-floor lighting • Generic lighting




A reliable and consistent power supply is the most critical part of any event. Weather its the supply and distribution of ESKOM power or generator power, planning and attention to detail is critical. ULTRA has the solution from cabling to distribution boards for a small electrical power system to a medium powered event to a 3 phase generator & distribution solution for large scale events.

Power distribution design • Power distribution • Power control • Generators • Power monitoring

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The differenciating element of the modern event solution is the Audiovisual component, incorporating displays and astonishing video content. A lasting impression can be created and your message relayed by utilising great visual imagery. ULTRA has a variety of video solutions from a single flat screen to multiple projection screens to a variety of led display solutions for spectacular video presentations.

Plasma screens • LED daylight outdoor screens • LCD screens • Video recording • Video screens • Video editing • Projectors • Live camera to screen



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Satisfied customers are our best advertisement, so we encourage you to give us feedback on how we're doing. If we ever disappoint or impress you, we hope you'll let us know on experience@ultraevents.co.za